Investigation on Annotation

Annotation Plug-in


This investigation examines low-level collaboration and the use of annotation and elaboration to add information to medical content previously generated by the Mayo Clinic. The interface demonstrates how the users can highlight, link, share and add their own experiences while building a sense of support through group monitoring, commenting, and instant messaging.


The focus of this investigation was to develop a solution for the missing peer to peer and peer to physician conversations on an informative site, such as Mayo Clinic, that would give a sense of a shared health community.



How can annotation create a personalized educational experience?


How can communication tools be used
to establish trust and support among
the community?


How can an interface design support a conversation that is monitored by
the users? 

Using a simple validation system the community monitors the conversations. The more times a post is validated the more prominent it appears and vice versa.

A highlight tool allows users to easily filter community posts as they relate to the sites technical content.

The ability to link community posts to specific areas of content allows users to make personalized connections from the medical definitions.

The chat interface fosters a mentor like relationship that allows users to establish trusted and open dialog about sensitive topics.

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