Investigation on Collaboration

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Collaborative Relationships


This investigation examines the high-level of collaboration 
involved in community gardens and people with food insecurities. It also addresses how to provide fresh local produce and to encourage the education and exploration of using fresh produce.


The goal of this education tool is to help bring local gardens and volunteers together to ease food insecurities. By establishing relationships between mentors and volunteers, there is an opportunity to expand fresh produce education. The education of produce can help develop healthy and sustainable eating habits. 




Video interviews

Interviews conducted by Brandy Luce, Vaidehi Patil, and Scott Reinhard.



























Concept Map

Designed by Brandy Luce, Vaidehi Patil, and Scott Reinhard.








































































User Journey Map
































Digital Wireframes















































How can education and exploration be
used in an application to motivate users
to change behaviors? 


How can an open communication 
system facilitate trust between the
mentor and mentee?


How can a feedback loop be used
to improve garden efficiency and give volunteers agency?



The videos give a brief narrative about the importance of urban gardens and the impact they can have on a community. Some questions asked were:


— What is the Organization/Hierarchy of an urban garden?

— What are the common problems of running an urban garden?

— How is the community and neighborhood involved?

The concept map shows relationships among users, information, and activities; this shows a
hierarchy among core concepts and is useful moving forward with the project.

The user journey map shows time-based sequences of activities among people with food
insecurities and gardens. It shows interaction touch points with information and devices.

After sketching out layouts on paper, I created the digital wireframes that served as the starting
point for the application's visual design and to go further into detail about where elements should
be placed on each screen.

The wireframes were translated into a designed video prototype. These prototypes were used to simulate the interactions with the design. Then iterated based on the feedback from peers.

The mentor relationship between the gardener (expert) and volunteer (novice) is facilitated with different communication methods such as videos, messaging and alerts. Agency is supported with feedback features that benefit the garden and volunteer. 

The use of identification of produce, exploration of information on preparation and storage, and recipe instructions and tutorials will encourage healthy and sustainable eating habits.  

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