Investigation on Data Environments

Building for Better Relationships


The goal of this project is to understand and practice the relationship between form and information in the context of course themes Dynamic DataViz & Big Data. It is comprised of 3 phases, described below.


This investigation experiments with form and visualization of two large data sets to clearly show a correlation between residential building permits and foster care in Raleigh, while maintaining the complexity of the data.






Phase 1

Find two disparate data sets relating to Raleigh, NC and analyze each dataset to understand how it could be visually represented.


Data Set 1

Using different methods of visualization what

conclusions can be made about the Raleigh

foster care system from 2005-2008?


How to visualize big data differently than the simplified methods used for smaller data sets?


How to illustrate a story using data in a way that will help people quickly see and 
understand the data and take action?


How to use an interface to encourage users
to interact with data 
and drill down for more information without becoming overwhelmed

with too much information?


There are significantly more preteen children than not.


The overall numbers of children in foster care are decreasing.


What is causing the number of children in foster care to steadily decrease?

Data Set 2

Using different methods of visualization what

conclusions can be made from the Raleigh

residential building permits from 2005-2008?






















Phase 2


Data Mash-Up of Set 1 and Set 2

Design a data 'mash-up' —a representation that combines both datasets into one visualization that depicts how the data interacts and relates. The goal is to tell an unlikely yet

compelling story about the data that present an argument for the correlation.






Large portions of the total permits are either smaller than 500 square feet or larger than 3000 square feet.


The overall numbers of residential building permit are decreasing.


Why is there an increase in
small permits and a decrease 
in larger permits?

Building for Better Relationships:

An addition of a small room in residential homes fosters a better relationship among families with preteen children.

Phase 3



Create an interface that would allow users to explore (drill down into) the data in more detail.

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