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Family Resources of Greater Nebraska is a counseling service with a team of passionate therapists who strive
to successfully guide our clients through life’s challenges. Potential clients choose their path to see how Family Resources of Greater Nebraska can help them to Enjoy Life and Move Forward.


For most, navigating through life requires a special strategy to move forward – a strategy that helps you avoid pitfalls and maneuver through life’s challenges. 


How can the website help connect counselors and their clients when they are geographically dispersed across the entire state?


How can the site support the different needs for the counselors and the clients that range from appointments to training?


How can the visual communication and branding address the wide variety of visitors and assist in the user experience and usability of the site?


What I Did

I interviewed stakeholders and team members to understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses. I also reviewed the current site to identify areas of opportunity. I developed moodboards with collaged color schemes, imagery, typography and icon styles to communicate the visual style to the client. In addition, I presented site flow maps and wireframes to explain the purpose of restructuring the current website. I designed and prototyped the visuals and flow of the website.  Finally, I provided specifications for sizes, colors, fonts, and spacing for the web development team.



Family Resources of Greater Nebraska was thrilled with the new functionality and design of their new site. The optimized design and flow of the homepage simplified the interface and improved user’s interactions with the navigation. The reorganized design incorporated the use of databases and filters to ease the task of finding counselors, services, and office locations. The branding system, color-coding, and iconography unified the site and improved the usability and navigation. These improvements allowed the user to easily navigate the site to see how FRGN can help them to Enjoy Life and Move Forward.



Award of Merit

Healthcare Advertising Awards

Key Tools and Deliverables
• Sitemap

• Moodboards

• Sketches

• Whiteboards

• Site flows

• Wireframes

• Brand platform

• Photography

• Icon development

• Interface design

• Developer spec sheet

  • Wordpress
  • LinkedIn B&W
  • Vimeo B&W