Firecrest DIA Campaign


Firecrest provides innovative e-clinical technology including investigator training and study management tools to improve clinical site performance.


Firecrest needed to start a spark at the 2011 DIA trade show. This animated video was part of that spark featuring the “everything else is obsolete” platform, services and benefits. The animation plays on the trade show booth’s video wall, delivering the message in an innovative, impactful way to engage everyone passing by.


How can the tradeshow booth be used as a multipurpose space, for presentations, demonstrations, meetings, and raffles?


How can technology be used to reinforce the branding campaign of innovative product and service experience?


How can the branding and visual displays attract potential leads to engage with the new product?


What I Did

I did a competitive analysis of trade booths examining how technology, booth space, and gorilla marketing tactic are used in the industry. I designed a booth that consisted of a monitor wall with 16 display screens. The wall design was multipurpose to be used for presentations, video display, and demonstrations. I storyboarded the concept for the video wall and created visuals to be used in the animation. I developed the branding that would be used through the entire campaign including, animations, digital and print ads, social media skins, costume design, printed handouts, digital surveys and posters.



The product release was a success. The wall of 16 display screens stood apart from competitors’ booths and highlighted technology. The wall displayed video animations, presentations, and demonstrations of the new product. The booth layout emphasized a row of tablets that allowed visitors to explore the new product individually or assisted by tradeshow presenters. The technology also gave users a chance to enter into raffles for giveaways for new technology products. The booth design brought customers in to interact with pre-installed software to demo and mobile survey. The branding communicated that the new product would be a game changer in the industry by using the campaign “Everything else is Obsolete”. The campaign consisted of animations, ads, handouts, tradeshow walkers, sell sheets, posters and social media. The series of die-cut “obsolete” technology-related handouts were delivered by tradeshow walkers, dressed in period-specific costumes, who feature various “obsolete” technologies: an 80s business woman, an old-time photographer and an 80s rocker. The campaign’s success achieved Firecrest’s goal of gaining a large amount of leads and eventually acquisition by ICON.




Award of Excellence

Public Relations Society of America, Nebraska chapter


Silver Award

Healthcare Advertising Awards


Gold Award

Aster Awards

Key Deliverables
• Moodboard

• Storyboarding

• Booth mockups

• Costume and prop design

• Animation

• Interactive survey form

• Social media skins

• Handouts

• Tradeshow booth

• Printed ads

• Email template