Nova-Tech Inc.


Nova-Tech Website


Pure Performance means a company that operates like an extension of your own. For small batches or large, from our existing product line or your own formula, Pure Performance means the best pharmaceutical aseptic processing you can get — pure and simple.


How can the website be a place for information about the company and a space where people can go to keep up with the industry?


How can the process of manufacturing be simplified so it is compelling to interact with and easy to comprehend?


How can the product lines be simplified for review purposes yet allow for potential clients to dig into the details?


What I Did

I began by interviewing team members to understand the company’s needs in a website. I also completed a competitive analysis of other pharmaceutical aseptic companies to identify areas of opportunity for Nova-Tech. I used sketching and whiteboard wireframes to allow us to gain stakeholder validation sooner and deploy high-fidelity prototypes. I designed and prototyped the visuals and flow of the website.  Finally, I provided specifications for sizes, colors, fonts, and spacing for the web development team.



The website design accomplished the company’s goal to actively be involved in industry trends by providing resources in immerging news and events. The manufacturing process map and product line filters supported the company’s need for a space where they can walk potential clients through their process and products in a streamline manner that is easy to understand.

Key Tools and Deliverables

• Competitive Analysis

• Sitemap

• Sketching

• Wireframes

• Whiteboards

• Interface design

• Developer Specs