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The W.G. Pearson Center


Build a brand that positions The W.G. Pearson Center beacon of hope and resource for combating systemic racism for the entire Durham community.

Create and implement marketing and communications materials the increasing awareness and revenue for The W.G. Pearson Center.

Design an environment and create materials that honor the history of the building and the Hayti community that invite local residents to engage with the space.



Communication Strategy and Management

Storytelling and Videography

Social Media Strategy and Management

Website Design and Development


Digital and Print Marketing Collateral

Event Planning and Management


Historical Exhibits Curation

Apparel and Swag Design

Business Documents, Presentations,
and Proposals


The new brand and marketing materials increased awareness in the Durham community and increased revenue through tenants, event rentals, and donations.

The success of The W.G. Pearson Center has attracted national attention from foundations and partners that has increased revenue and  grown a community of supporters and advocates.

Brand Messaging:

The W.G. Pearson Center is a convening space and innovation hub where trainings, classes, and resources are available for the community. The Center is a youth-centered space that houses activities and programs that enrich the lives and outcomes of young people. Eight Nonprofits have joined together at The Center to combat systemic racism and structural inequalities to have the greatest possible collective impact on Durham.


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