Investigation on Schemas

LinkedIn Conference


This investigation examines interfaces for building collaborative communities with the use of relationships and historic consciousness schemas. 

Design anthropologist Dori Tunstall identifies five characteristics of a community: Historic consciousness, Life goals, Structure, Relationships, and Agency.

Historic consciousness is a shared understanding of where we came from. Relationships are meaningful interactions among various members of the group for specific purposes.


Information collected by digital nametags with Bluetooth technology from interactions that occur at tradeshows or conferences used to develop relationships and build on an existing community of professionals.




How are various relationships within the community expressed visually or behaviorally?


How are physical and social interactions recalled by memory?


How can an interactive interface serve as a supplemental tool to build a professional network?



This dimensional timeline allows professionals to reflect on the face time with their acquaintances. The visualization represents face to face interactions, the length of contact, and time of day the interaction occurred. Longer interactions are visually more prominent and stay in the foreground for a longer time, suggesting that these might have been more meaningful interactions. Brief interactions may only appear on the screen for a short time and are faded in appearance. The faces move from the back to front as you move through the timeline. This interface behavior familiarizes the professional with the acquaintances in a manner that reflects the actual event.

This visualization of interaction assist professionals to efficiently recall specific contacts by their spatial associations at the time they occurred. This allows professionals to access information about potential contact leads that may have occurred spontaneously.

This categorization of interactions encourages the professional to observe possible patterns or areas of expansion in their network. These observations can lead to the development of actionable goals to pursue in future events.

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