Investigation on Smart Environments

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A Collaborative Workspace


Group Project by Nida Abdullah,
Brandy Luce, and Scott Reinhard


The goal of this project is to understand and practice
the relationship between form, information, gesture
and interface in the context of smart environments.





The workspace system responds as users
move through the collaborative process:

Brainstorming, individual to group

Decision-making, small group

Iteration, individual to pair

Review, small group and individual

































This helps illustrate the important social, environmental, and technical factors that shape the context of how, where, and why the collaborators (represented by A, B, and C) engage with the products.




































The workspace is comprised of a multi-use interactive table and a multi-use divider. The table and divider operate together as a system, supporting task-oriented sharing.


How we might live and work in a world where our things are encoded with information, communicate with us (and other things), and are always internet-connected?


How can gesture be used on large scales in interactive collaborative systems?


How can a specific gesture imply a specific
task or activity?



An interdisciplinary and collaborative team is working in the same physical space within the field of Environmental Engineering. The team is contracted by others, such as the City of Baltimore, on long term projects but has short term deadlines, internally and externally.

























How does the team collaborate

within project constraints?






Project Manager

Responsible for accomplishing the stated project objectives. Key project management responsibilities include creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of the project. Extrovert, outgoing, organized. Prefers to meet face to face. Likes writing things down. Works with everyone on team. Works with Client.



Group Director

Responsible to company goals and objectives, managing 
decision and 
risk. Busy, decisive, unorganized. Works in same space, generally works with Project Lead. Works with Client, leads presentations. Works with partners.



Senior Engineer, Project Lead

Has specialized and broad subject expertise and field experience (civil and environmental engineering). Responsible for the content, direction. Extrovert, 
organized. Enjoys collaborating and hearing others opinions Works with Client.




The team is made up of:

Client, not always present

Project Manager

Group Director

Senior Engineer, Project Lead

Junior Engineer

Junior Analyst / Strategist

Junior Engineer

Has broader subject experience, not as experienced at Project Lead. Introvert,

semi-organized. Will collaborate when has
to. Works mostly with Project Lead, 
and Project Manager.



Junior Analyst / Strategist

Specialized experience. Adds planning
action or policy perspective. Introvert 
likes to talk, semi-organized. Likes to talk
about ideas. Works mostly with 
Project Lead, Junior Engineer and Project Manager. Works with partners.

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